Nothing Important Happened Today June 12, 2013

I’m just kidding. Today I received a phone call from the better half of this production company, Alex “Tonic” Hall, to tell me that “The Replacement” made the list of movies for the 48 Days Later Best Of/Awards screening next Wednesday, June 19th @SMG CityCentre.

That gave me the motivation I needed to finally make the inaugural post on our website’s blog. It means a lot to us since our goal in this year’s festival was to see if we were capable to turn in something within the 48 hours time limit. It’s also a long way from Erin’s email that started that crazy weekend.

There’s not much going on here yet, but hopefully things will change. I also hope to not be the only one posting here. Alex and I are lucky to have worked with some pretty awesome people both in front and behind the cameras. I will take a moment here to let them all know that they will be always welcomed to share any and all stories here to their heart’s content. After all, that’s the ultimate goal of filmmaking: to tell good stories. Gin.


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