The Baron in the Trees December 19, 2014

We had the pleasure to work with our friends at Mass Ornament Films on Anahita Ghazvinizadeh’s latest short film in her trilogy about children.  Mass Ornament Films is a Chicago-based film company focused on art house cinema productions, and is born out of the collaboration of artists Zoe Sua Cho, Yoni Goldstein  and Anahita.

The filming took place in Houston and lasted over 5 days with 2 pick up days.  Jim Barham was a huge help in the making of the film as well as Michael Melendez at Blue Ribbon Media who provided the Arri Amira and Alexa.

Gin was our Production Manager while I was the 1st AD.  Both positions were challenging and rewarding (just the way we like it) and gave us the opportunity to work with other Houston professionals.  Everyone was fantastic and it shows in the finished product I think.  Gin and I are really excited about the footage we’ve seen so far (it looks absolutely beautiful) and we can’t wait to see the finished product- expected to be complete early 2015.  We loved working on the film and are a little sad that it’s over.  For almost a full month we’d meet with Zoe and Anahita after work to discuss the film, scheduling, the shot list, and work out any other challenges that came our way.  We look forward to working with Mass Ornament on future projects 🙂


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