Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation August 10, 2015

My bearer of good news, Alex “Tonic” Hall called me early today in a great mood for a Sunday morning, and in a sing-a-song voice just asked: “Have you checked your email today?”

So I smiled and ran to my computer. Enthusiastically opening the browser and typing my lengthy password prompted my impatient business partner to jab: “Do you need to hang up and call me back later?”

No, I didn’t need to do that. I already knew what it was all about. I just needed to see the official notice with my own eyes to make it real. Thank you Don Bartusiak. Thank you to everyone at the Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation. Thank you.

The Skye McCole Bartusiak Foundation awarded three grants for the purpose of supporting production costs for the teams entering Houston’s 2015 48HFP. I received the honor of being one of the Skye’s The Limit Award grant recipients. They made this year’s 48HFP happen for Gin & Tonic.

The Foundation was established in July 2014 in memory of Skye McCole Bartusiak who appeared in 14 feature films, numerous shorts, 7 television films, in recurring or guest roles in 11 television series, and in the 2003 Broadway revival of The Miracle Worker. Skye passed away at the age of 21 on July 19, 2014. http://www.skyemccolebartusiak.com/




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