4 or More: THANK YOU!

4 or More: THANK YOU! January 20, 2016

The 4 or More Kickstarter campaign has come to a close and we are excited to announce that we are fully funded!  Words cannot describe how grateful we are feeling.  We received overwhelming support from friends, family, those we are just beginning to know, and even total strangers.

Gin and I took the leap last summer to chase our dreams and focus on filmmaking full time. We wanted to have a legit film production company that worked with a budget and could pay everyone on set. Most films are financed through investors, but since we’re not at that level yet, we went the crowdfunding route.  We consider everyone who donated to the kickstarter to be an investor in us, our project, and our future. We are so grateful for your support. Thank you to everyone who encouraged us along the way- every share, tweet, and donation made a difference.   We could not have reached out goal without you.

Let’s Make a Movie!

Gin “Gin” & Alex “Tonic”


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