Getting on Board March 14, 2017

We’re board gamers. Big ol’ tabletop lovin’ nerds. However, we weren’t always this way. In fact, neither one of us discovered our love of tabletop games until our mid to late 20’s when a co-worker insisted we play a round of Betrayal at the House on the Hill and Sentinels of the Multiverse (he also got a lot of us into karaoke, but that’s a story for another day). After that we were hooked. Game nights became a weekly thing. It brought us all together as co-workers and quickly united us as friends. Sure we later found out that we were playing the games wrong about 90% of the time, but dangit, we had fun.

Then Gin and I moved to Chicago, home of the lovable party game for horrible people (and also the game played in 4 or More), Cards Against Humanity. We quickly learned that Chicago’s gaming community is HUGE. What’s more, there is a whole network of creative and supportive independent game designers in the area! Organizations like Cards also have weekly game meet ups and play-testing sessions where you can meet these designers and try out their game and give feedback. The community is super positive and friendly and we’ve made some really incredible and inspiring friends.

As 2017 rolled in, Gin and I got together and established our goals for the year: write 2 feature scripts, film at least 1 feature, and create content for the web.  We went back and forth on what this last one could be, and for a while it wasn’t talked about in much detail because I was focusing on finishing my first feature script (I’ll go into this on another post), but it was eventually settled…

Why not combine our love of games with film?

To announce that Gin and I are working on a documentary about independent tabletop game designers not only aligns with our interests and our goals for the year, but we can’t help but wonder why we didn’t think of this sooner. Over the last few weeks we have been meeting with local designers and interviewing them on what it takes to create a tabletop game: concept (mechanics vs. theme vs. design), play-testing, marketing, launching a Kickstarter, printing, publishing, distribution etc. Our goal is to release short 5-10 minute episodes that follow the designers and explore the different phases of game design. The project may ultimately become a feature length documentary, but that will be determined once we gather everything we need.

We’re excited to share this documentary with you, and have only just begun collecting footage. Already we have met so many wonderful, talented, inspiring and friendly designers- some are well established, having a few games already on the market, while others are only just beginning their journey and are still exploring the best way to play their (already amazing) game. Our goal is to begin releasing episodes by early summer and to end the series at the largest tabletop game convention in North America: Gen Con.

We’d also like to make a shout out to our friend, and Executive Producer, Dustin Cordoba for believing in us and helping support the project financially.

If you would like to become an Executive Producer and support the project as well, text Gin. We need you. 🙂

This picture of our Pandemic Legacy board is a place holder for when we get a logo drawn up for Getting on Board ;)

This picture of our Pandemic Legacy board is a place holder for when we get a logo drawn up for Getting on Board 😉

Can’t wait to keep everyone up to date with the project!

Game on,



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