Getting on Board Kickstarter and Interviews! April 3, 2017

After swearing off Kickstarter for good, we find ourselves here again, with 3 days left in our campaign 🙂 We must say, this one has gone much better and we are so grateful for the support we have been given.

Getting On Board by Gin & Tonic Films

Currently, we are on our way to St. Louis to interview another round of talented tabletop designers. Tonight, we’re filming a conversation between these creatives and then tomorrow we begin our indivdual interviews. We’re really excited about meeting them and can’t wait to share their insight to you.

This past weekend, we had the pleasure to interview Tommy Maranges and Cory O’Brien about their new game: Inhuman Conditions.

Cory and Tommy posing for the Camera

Cory and Tommy posing for the Camera

Then after we were lucky enough to play it!


The Interrogation!


Gin trying to decide if Tommy is a Robot (he was)

Then we spoke with Katie Khau and Jessica Chu from Cow and Duck Studios and gained a lot of really valuable insight about finding a publisher and signing a contract.


Jess and Katie posing for the camera

Stay tuned for more!


Alex and Gin


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