REEL: Our First Feature Film! March 17, 2018

We’re making our first feature film- and that’s really cool!

It’s also self-funded! Which is whatever. I’m just excited to be here.

The script is pretty much done (though I’ve been saying that for months now), and the money is mostly saved. I am ready to get started, but I feel like someone pressed the slow mo button and is making me WAIT and BIDE MY TIME until it actually IS time to hit the ground running in June. This is mostly due to the fact that I’ve been working in Austin for the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and it’s not time for me to leave yet. I’ve been here since September and it doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving until mid-May. It’s been a little rough recently, to be honest. I’m burned out, a little lonely, and just ready to work on this project full time.

Even though the process is slow at the moment because I’m waiting on work to release me, I am grateful for the time. It’s allowing me to really think about how everything is going to be accomplished (it also puts extra cash in my pocket to survive putting it all together).

A BIG task was completed today: WE FOUND A LOCATION. Seriously, this is huge because 99.9% of the script happens there. What’s also interesting is that the owner (I found the location on AirBnB) and I have mutual friends in common! Small world- she’s super rad. She even pointed me in the direction of some potential crew. Her place is perfect. The layout is good, the color scheme is what I am looking for, the furnishings are great, there seems to be lots of space for movement, and the apartment itself is charming and is a character all on its own.

Everything seems to be falling into place…The Universe is interesting right? 🙂

Next steps:

  • Shorten the script (it’s at 102 pages. I need to get it down to at least 95).
  • Realistically figure out our shooting days and confirm the dates.
  • Auditions.
  • Start collecting ALL OF THE VHS TAPES.

There’s a lot more that needs to happen for pre-pro, but these are the big tasks coming up. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow morning with a friend, then Goober-cat and I head back to Austin.


I am excited about this journey!


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