REEL: New Partnership- Equipment Score! March 23, 2018

We have our first partnership! ikan, a Houston-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of pro film and video equipment is partnering with us to provide gear for the feature! Gin and I are very excited about this opportunity and we are extremely grateful for their enthusiasm and support for the project. Their equipment is going to be an invaluable asset and we are really excited to be working with them.

Before speaking with ikan, I think we were just hoping to borrow whatever equipment we could get our hands on from friends. It was going to be a ragtag kind of production- put together with hopes, dreams, and a lot of gaffer tape, but now… now that we have access to pretty much anything and everything we could possibly need to make a movie our production is starting to feel legit.

More on this as it develops!


Ask and you shall receive.


So I’m trying this thing where I just… ask for the things I need/want and I gotta say, it’s turning out really well (who knew???)! In addition to gear, Gin and I were in desperate need of a space to hold auditions. In the past we used a meeting room at the nursing home where Gin used to work.

Well, assisted living, if you want to get technical (Gotta give credit where it’s due).

Not that there was anything wrong with that. The nursing home has been really good to us. As long as we weren’t disturbing the residents (and didn’t drink too much of the soda) we were allowed to stay. We’ve filmed every single one of our 48 hour projects in that community and we have always been grateful for the space and their generosity.

But you gotta admit, it’s an awkward place to hold an audition. Can you imagine being an actor/actress responding to a casting call? “Excuse me, you claim you’re a legit production company and that you’re making a feature film but you want me to meet you where?”


So I figure… why not ask ikan to see if they knew of a space we could use? Turns out they did! Our auditions are now going to be held at a beautiful high rise apartment building in downtown Houston overlooking Minute Maid Park (home of the Houston Astros, your 2017 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!). We’re excited and so moved by the offer. Really, this is an incredibly generous gesture.


And since I was on a roll with asking for things, I figured I’d ask one more…

“Uh, odd request: does ikan have any VHS tapes lying around? We need enough to block a doorway from floor to ceiling”.

They’re going to check. 🙂


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