REEL: Open Casting Call April 12, 2018

This weekend Gin and I will be holding our open casting call for Reel! This is one of my favorite steps in the process. It can be stressful because the weight of the film (who the audience sees, anyway) relies on finding the right person for the part, but oh man… when we find that one person who “gets it” everything clicks into place and it’s MAGIC. They bring in their own experiences and put a part of their soul into a character to transform him or her into a living, breathing being- making the story come alive and revealing itself in ways I never expected. It’s beautiful.

We’ll be starting right after lunch on Saturday and go till about 6. Then we’ll have call backs on Sunday to pair up the actors to see who has chemistry. After that… decision time!

Even though Houston isn’t known for film (yet), that doesn’t mean there is a lack of talent. We’ve got a fantastic theater scene I’m hoping to tap into. Yes, yes, theater and film are different, but… who cares? If an actor understands the script, can take direction, and they’re awesome then why would it matter if they have more theater experience? I completely trust the Universe to provide the perfect talent for the job.

So in preparation for this exciting weekend, Gin has been scheduling time slots for everyone using Airtable (Thanks Gin! <3) while I picked out sides. For the main characters, Tim and Jess, it is really important for us to see how the actors read playful banter as well as how they argue. So I chose two scenes for the audition. Maybe this is overkill and I’m sure I’ll end up cutting the scenes down once we start to save on time, but having an actor go through both reads is crucial.

We’ve got a long weekend for sure- with lots of meetings and decisions to make (and *hopefully* securing the location!). I’m grateful Gin is able to be here for it. I know she’s stressed with her job in LA and I’ve been having a hard time in Austin (strikes and gutters, man), so seeing each other and working on what we love is going to be so, so wonderful.

Basically, everything is better when we’re together and this weekend is going to rock.



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