REEL: Auditions! April 21, 2018

Last weekend was a whirlwind of meetings and auditions. It was a really tough decision, but we chose our actors! Seriously, it was hard. We saw so many amazing people during the casting call, however, Gin and I are confident that we chose the right people for the part (and met others that we for sure want to work with on a future project).

Thanks to our sponsors at ikan, we held auditions at a really beautiful high rise in downtown Houston. Check it out.

Swanky waiting area.

Lin and Gin working.

So everything is moving along, which is great, but we still have a lot left to do. Here’s an idea of a few things that still need to be accomplished:

  • Figure out the rest of the crew
  • Find food sponsors
  • Create a one sheet and a cover letter to give to potential food sponsors
  • Work with our DP on the look of the film/storyboards/shot list,
  • Schedule shooting days
  • Get the location agreement signed
  • Rehearse with the actors
  • Make a piece of art that’s supposed to go above the couch
  • Find 280 VHS tapes

My mom’s dog, Bean, checking out the scene.


I don’t want to say I felt the crushing weight of everything yesterday, but I did find a few more gray hairs.

One day at a time, right? We are about a month and a half out from our first shooting day, but so far I feel like we’re on track and keeping a good pace. It doesn’t feel like we’re scrambling- so that’s good. It just feels like we’ve got a few things to figure out and cross off that list. I’m grateful we are where we are and that we are working with the best people. I feel the love and I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by others who are so positive and willing to help. Showing appreciation is really important to me, so I hope I’m returning my love and appreciation loud and clear.

We’re making a movie!



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