SEED September 2, 2015

After accidentally swallowing a watermelon seed, Allison begins to notice strange things happening to her body.  When she arrives at the hospital, she realizes that the situation is worse than she thought. SEED is a thriller/suspense drama that was completed for the 2015 Houston 48 Hour Film Project. You can watch the film for free on Amazon.com.

Hours of Our Lives August 6, 2014

A mystery afflicts the residents of Hourtown, TX. Who attacked foreman Richard Andreus? A dramatic turn of events reveals the true assailant in this episode of Hours of Our Lives. This film was entered into the 48 Hour Film Project for Houston, TX in 2014. You can watch the film for free on Amazon.com.

The Replacement August 1, 2013

A crime boss discovers a corrupt school teacher is selling drugs in his territory. Determined to teach him a lesson, the boss sends his best hit woman to handle the situation. What he doesn’t realize is that she has plans  of her own. The Replacement is a Crime/Gangster drama that was completed for the 2013 Houston 48 Hour Film Project, and was Gin & Tonic’s first 48HFP submission. It won Best Use of Line, Best Ending, Jury Award, Honorable Mention…

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